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- The world is your runway!

It has been a while.And I have been in london in my vacation!
Wooow what a freakin place. I didn't see much of big ben & etc..

I got to see the most important who was oxford street and oxford circus tho. It was amaziiing! I said to my mom who I surprised with another ticket,that if I died, or when I die, that she could leave my ashes here, inside TOPSHOP!

The fashion in London is the same as Norway and better, better because you have more shops and more alternatives something that is missing in Oslo! We desperately need more clothing shops over here!

Colors for this season fall/winter

-Light red
-Light Blue
Black,white & gray.

I love magazines, I love fashion photographer's, and I love good photographer's! It is enormous inspiration to get from good photographer's!
Here are some of my favorite pictures(of 1000) :)

(After that my boss from Mango who also is a photographer told me about "Tim Walker", Then I thought that everybody should check him out!-google him- This man is good, really good!

-The leopard print never goes away! And that is a good thing for me, because I adore it!



- The comfy shoes we <3 wedge!




Make-up store. My favorite make-up brand, beside m.a.c!! <3
Their foundation, eye shadows, lipsticks are long standing and HOT!
I was so satisfied when I got tho see the new collection.
props to my darling Malyuen(who was one of the Models) <3 you were hot honey!

Goodie bags are allways nice :)

- Nicki Minaj (my favorite female rapper)

I do love creativity and creative pictures..

_N.e.r.d_ Who doesn't think this man is HOT!

Drink MILK<3 and stay healthy! xhao

- It's all about good taste !

Before we talk Fashion. First of all I want to give a shout out to my friendAON
He is the best, not "one of the" ,but simply the best writer in 2010. :)
He shares his feelings, priorities and insight into current events and people
Enough said, just check him out.
He writes in (Norwegian)

Hottest song right now!


-If you want to have a healthy and sexy hair.
You should try
It is a american brand, who is used by many celebrities , and models in the fashion industry.
If you are feeling frustrated with your hair because you can never seem to achieve just the right style, it might be time to reevaluate the tools you are using. Many salons and stylists rely on CHI hair styling products because they are the top of the line. They provide consistent results and you can count on them to give great style with minimal damage. Make sure to use a thermal protectant spray when using heat styling tools because no matter how often you use your flat irons and curling irons, you hair is susceptible to damage. -
This hairstyle is inspired by Alexander Wang!
  • Great with any hair colour
  • The side braid can be paired with the slicked side hair style for an edgy interpretation.

  • Mary Kate Olsen -Statement-

    This is frenxh House music.. <3 LOVE


    Elle Accesories 2010
    The fringes are stillIN
    Red is sexy. with a open toe it is even more sexy. I like this outfit because it is edgy, sofisticated -black-. And urban.
    The rihanna Rings.. aw

    louis vuitton

    louis vuitton

    XoXx L

    Back to work, back to reality!

    Since it's summer and I am back from my vacations, I feel love is in the air, everywhere I go!
    It is beautiful...

    I had been with my family in Chile for three weeks, and I feel blessed.
    Family is the most important thing Ihave in my life, like my friends, I call them family too.

    In Chile the fashion is not like in Europe.
    I feel that people are more intrested in other things, and that dont include fashion.
    But like all over the world they got intresting clothes.
    I saw many youths with manga clothing, they were dressed like the cartoons /manga!
    That was cool too see. chilenian youths dressed like japanese kids.funny, huh!?
    But I also saw the people who had money enough to buy LV,Minks.. etc..
    But the trendy fashion haventarrived there yet, and that's sad.

    However, it was okey for me. Because then I got all the attention :P :) hehe

    I am in love with a song for the moment, who I want to share with you.

    Since it is season to fall in love,flirt,get butterflies.. etc
    It make me think about the sweetest thing in life. appreciate what you have! Right NOW!
    We also got the broken hearts that are out there.
    But you know without no past you got no future. So keep your head up, and smile.
    because that is the only thing that keep you alive! Or you can shop,shop,shop!

    Sweet green & sweet pink = Hotness 2010

    Enough said!

    and then we have the powder / nude color..

    Have a nice summer...

    Xoxx L

    Vacations are always good, especially when my girl gets married <3

    Wedding day it was and both said I do <3
    It was all very beautiful, I will never forget when Carlita walked up the altar.You can imagine the tears ran down my cheek.

    You could find me and my beautiful Karoline on Europe's tallest hotel with 43 floors, we were so lucky to stay on the floor 30, with views of the ocean!
    Totally beautiful.

    After 10 days of sunshine, 30 degrees, a wedding, it was so nice to just relax with the sound of the sea .. <3

    I can say I miss to hear the ocean, and do not think of anything!

    At least when it came to fashion in spain, I must say with hand on heart that the Norwegian is 1000 times better to put together clothes!
    But we need Spain's shops, they have so much good, sweet and sexy clothing.
    If you ever go to benidorm, make sure to visit
    Punto Roma

    Have a great summer everyone.. I am soon off back to my roots..

    Toothless,speachless,but no blogless..

    Im back with more inspiration.
    The sun is back in Oslo and people are out that makes everybody happy!
    Today I pulled my wisdom tooth and damn it hurt, for those who know me know I hate pain killers but now you can call me number one fan!

    It goes in jellies, yougurt and anni's(cherryblossoms) delicious soup that she has planned for me: D Cant wait.

    This is some of the fashion that is on my mind.
    I decided to post some things for the boys also ;)
    High waist
    Powder colors - (champagne ,peach,sand etc) stripes Prints Body BIG accesories

    And for those who are going out today
    Maybe you will check out thiiis..pop champagne ,and enjoy the weekend bitches :D

    Queen B <3 always hot
    love her clothes in the video, even though the make-up flows a part, But who fault is it? I bet that all of you ladies know. It always is their fault.

    Have a nice weekend

    Coffee in my hand + Sun in my eyes!

    Lets start the day with a hot song!

    Today it is going to be all about clothes,responsibility,fun, laughter, people, fashion show.
    My Roomie # 2 asked if we could help her with clothing when it comes to a fashion show at a center today!This can be very exciting :P :D

    Black & white!
    It's always safe ,casual,sexy, and never too much!
    Me and my twin we are like black and white,
    we match to good together but still so different ;) <3

    Lets have a good weekend!

    If you think you can, you can. And if you think you cant, youre right!

    My friends are amaziiiing! Confetties 'xoxoo

    My roomie in crime anni (cherryblossoms.blogg.no) surprised me today!
    she bought dried (mango) fruit for me..:D I love dried fruit,and it is healthy! Thnx beautiful xx

    -Confetties is "la familia"

    We are like 12 girls who are bestfriends,share the most of thoughts,sayings,spendings,and you name it!
    Some of the girls are far away! Miss you.And see you soon ;)

    I Love lipsticks

    Mac wow! I choose to use mac because it is fashionable,sexy and trendy!
    They always have something new .

    Red VS " Natural"

    Musica is good for your soul!

    My other passion is music!
    I like to spend time to find music I like, and this are some of my favorites right now..:)
    Lets be crazy I know everyone has a little "party svenske" inside!


    I call it art

    I love this picture,it is almost like mona lisa,Personally I think that Great photoshoots,fashion etc, is art!
    just look at this pictures and tell me NO..I bet you can't, rather be inspired!!



    A other person I can call ART is this beautiful person!



    Just check out the blog,and you will found out what I mean!


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